Research & Analytics

Research and Analytics as a service is something most organizations shy away from offering, due to the high level of complexity involved and the industry specific expertise required. Yet, when done correctly, Research and Analytics is capable of giving businesses an unprecdented tactical edge over their competition.

At Bizight, we've gathered individuals and collated resources that allow us to offer world-class research and analytics services, so you can take your campaign planning to the next level!

Industry Research

Insight into the current state of an industry is crucial in order to plan an effective campaign. At Bizight, our team of researchers work to find out the present state of the industry and how it’ll ultimately affect your business with respect to the services or products you offer. These insights will allow you to plan a successful venture with the in-depth knowledge of the target industry gained.

Data Profiling

Even if you have confidence in your ability to connect with and sell to prospects, finding them can prove to be the bigger task. Our team of expert data profilers scour the internet and our extensive personal databases to find you influencers and decision makers relevant to your product or service. This allows you to focus on the connecting, without having to deal with the cumbersome task of looking for the right people.

Data Analytics

Sometimes, you might not have the right tools in place to capture campaign data. In other cases, while you might have tools in place to capture raw data, converting this raw data into useful, readily-usable information is often a complicated task. At Bizight, we take pride in our ability to derive the most relevant snippets of data and present it in a manner that our clients can easily take action upon.